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Hungarian talent among the world’s elite – Hungary is placed 38th in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI)

Budapest Global Association has initiated a survey aimed at the younger generation to explore their perspectives on the future of Budapest.

The board of Budapest Global has unanimously voted for the launch of the survey titled „Vision of Youth – Focusing on Budapest”, which centers on finding out why young people love Budapest. Specifically, the survey is interested in learning about how entrepreneur-friendly they consider the capital to be, whether it adequately supports talents and why they find the city attractive. The ultimate objective is to reveal how Budapest could deploy successful talent policies, and create a more ideal environment for talented youth arriving here.

Hungary is notably excelling in talent development, as evidenced by its performance in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI).  This index, which compares 134 countries around the world, examines how effective these countries are in setting up policies and practices that enable a country to develop, attract, and empower human capital, the talent pools that contribute to the productivity and prosperity. Hungary currently holds the 38th position on this prestigious list.

Surveying how young people perceive the future is further motivated by this list: by placing the capital in the international context, it asks how Budapest can stay in touch with young people and offer an attractive alternative to talents.

Data collection and analysis go beyond learning about the expectations and aspirations of young people as well as their emotional connection to the city, since the Association plans to create a comprehensive future platform based on these findings. Our aim is to understand, discern the factors that foster or hinder a sense of belonging and attachment to the capital. We want to find out what renders Budapest appealing to current residents, newcomers, entrepreneurs, domestic and international students alike. Based on these insights we can strategically enhance the city’s livability and attractiveness for today’s young generation, as well as for their children and grandchildren.

The launch of this survey holds profound significance for the Budapest Global Association. It marks a pivotal step in our commitment to fostering collaboration between the city, businesses, educational institutions, and universities for its ongoing development and future prosperity.

To join, or learn more about the survey, please contact me at

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