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The founding of the Budapest Global Association

signing a document
The Budapest Global Association was founded in July, after all 15 members (ALTEO, BKIK, BKM, BKK, Budapest Brand, K&H Bank, Egon Zehnder, Graphisoft, MOL, Nestlé, OTP, Startup Hungary, IVSZ and Wallis) accepted and signed the memorandum.

The Court registered the Budapest Global Association under the registration number: 01-02-0017896.

Thus, Budapest Global is ready to start its operations, the goal of which is to bring together the Municipality of Budapest, business organisations, and knowledge institutions with a common vision to make Budapest a globally connected, competitive, and liveable city.

To achieve this, Budapest Global focuses on three pillars: to create an environment in Budapest that is attractive for talent, make the city smart and techy, and sustainable.

Budapest Global builds on the following three pillars:

Attractive for Talent

As Budapest Global, we envision Budapest as a global hub for attracting and retaining international and Hungarian talent and welcoming foreigners with easily accessible public services and information. We want professionals and students with diverse backgrounds to feel at home in Budapest’s public spaces and communities.

Smart & Techy

Our goal is to encourage collaboration and innovation between stakeholders leading to better public services, new business developments, and a thriving research ecosystem, enabled by digital technologies and experimentation in a real-life setting. Budapest welcomes (tech) entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other innovative organisations with a business-friendly environment.


As Budapest Global, we envision Budapest as a healthy, green, and climate-proof urban environment where urban stakeholders, including residents and employees, take on collective actions and experiment with a shared and circular economy.

Budapest Global is looking forward to working together with you to launch the first pilot projects.

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