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Why worth joining us?

Because we believe in building community!

Budapest Global offers the opportunity to small and large companies, young entrepreneurs, knowledge hubs and higher education institutions to contribute to building the Budapest of Tomorrow through collaboration.

Our goal is for members to transplant their own initiatives and the ideas of the Municipality of Budapest to create tangible, sustainable projects.



Membership provides a wide range of benefits for you and your company:

KNOWLEDGE ADVANTAGE: As a member, you will have regular and timely access to summary materials and market research on sector trends, urban development plans and research studies. This will allow you to be among the first to hear about new city initiatives and to integrate the acquired knowledge into your daily operations, thereby enjoying a market advantage enabling you to stay on top of your game.

VISIBILITY AND RECOGNITION: Your company, business or university can play an integrated and direct role as a member in shaping the future of Budapest. Participation includes:

•  joining thematic working groups,

• developing a process and action plan to empower, attract and retain talent,

 • contributing through your expertise to the realization of our common goals,

• proposing solutions on how to achieve carbon neutrality, or bringing together stakeholders of the local ecosystem to create a value proposition along the principles of green transition.

Through the impact of our collective value creation, we not only facilitate city development, but also enhancethe credibility and recognition of our member companies and partners.


FUTURE SHAPING: We are dedicated to build a forward-thinking, socially responsible community of local and international experts, professionals from the Municipality of Budapest and consultants. Together, we work to prepare the city, members of the business, science and cultural communities and organizations for the transformation, in alignement with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

NETWORK BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES: We establish a dynamic community forum which cultivates and nurtures positive relationships among members, from business partners, chambers of commerce, diplomats, industry experts or researchers and leaders of the most prestigious universities. This ethos will facilitate progress towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

 PARTNERSHIPS AND ALLIANCES: We host events, conferences and roundtable discussions that provide a meeting opportunity for business leaders, university representatives, city leaders and urban development experts. These forums open the door to wider perspectives, integrating innovative approaches beyond the participants’ own direct expertise.

KNOWLEDGE SHARING: We actively promote the sharing of best practices, professional materials, regulations and research results from national and international experts.

COST SAVINGS: Through partnerships and knowledge sharing, members can learn about energy-saving technologies, sustainable initiatives, digital solutions and waste reduction strategies which they can then integrate into their own systems. This allows them to enhance efficiency, profitability, and reduce operational costs for their businesses.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Members can increase the credibility and visibility of their employer brand by attracting employees to organizations which promote sustainable environmental and social initiatives.

Are you seeking opportunities for networking, value creation through collaboration and inspiration, because sustainable development, the empowerment of future generations and social responsibility are important to you?

If you would like to join us in shaping the Budapest of Tomorrow, we welcome you to join us!

Contact information:

+36 30 600 80 98


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Budapest Global was officially launched in 2022.